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Keeping the supply chain flowing.

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Choosing your new seasons gowns may seem like a daunting task right now, but it has never been so important. Especially with the cancellation of bridal showings all over the world including our all important August showing in which JN Bridal has been an integral part of for decades.

Lets support each other within the Australian/New Zealand bridal industry by flipping the down turn that seems to be surrounding us at the moment and turn the negative energy into excitement by injecting fresh new styles into the most beautiful and inspiring environments that is our bridal stores/boutiques. I mean where else would you rather be at the moment?

Lets surround ourselves with positivity and good vibes.

Communication is the key

Let team JN know what you need and discuss your current situation. We are all about accommodating to your market, present and future. We are happy to negotiate terms that adapt to your current situation. We are all about options and customer service.

We have introduced virtual meetings where we can connect face to face and guide you through our collections. It's as simple as following a link & boom we will see you in cyber space and pretty it up with all of our designs.

What are these "Attainable Gowns" JN keep harping on about?

Utilize our extensive stock lists that are updated weekly under out attainable gowns tab on the dedicated JN Bridal website. More and more your samples will be sold to brides and what a great tool to have at your fingertips, to be able to choose one or more gowns via our live stock list. Whether you use it to replace a best seller or an opportunity to add fresh new styles into the mix. Below is a preview on what trending styles are currently in our attainable gown gallery.


Take a step back breath and re-evaluate where you feel these uncertain times is going to navigate your market within the near future.

Take a look at the past three months that we have been back in business and research where your sales are trending.

Has there been an increase of orders for gowns within a certain price bracket?

Are you finding that you are selling your samples due to shotgun weddings, in preparation if more restrictions may be placed upon us?

Or have your order's decreased as brides are afraid of committing, due to them being concerned about delayed orders due to the current pandemic?

This is where team JN can assist with your ever-changing market needs. We have solutions to the above questions and again communication is the key. We pride ourselves on being approachable and willing to accommodate to your possible new landscape.

United We Stand

To keep the Australian/New Zealand bridal industry cogs turning we all need to support each other #unitedwestand. Keep the supply chain flowing and inject fresh styles into again one of the most beautiful environments a loved up one could be (our stores & boutiques).

Keeping in mind that these brides to be have spent at least three months in isolation researching their dream gowns.

Lets create that dream by offering them variety, on trend & fresh styles, budget conscious alternatives, an abundance of styles available at their finger tips via our stock lists and guaranteed ETA's on gown deliveries.

That is where, not only our morals and beliefs in customer service stand at JN Bridal The Bridal Agency, but where we strive to make our labels stand out in your store.

You can always rely on us at team JN.

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